August 31, 2013

The Upper Floor

THE UPPER FLOOR *Extreme Kink* Warning

The Upper Floor (a subset of the realm) is a sub-culture within the overall BDSM lifestyle. Though we are venturing into the more definitive world of pornography when focusing on context of The Upper Floor, I find that their style of sexual presentations in the format of dinner parties for the discerning guest, has a truly erotic element in its overall composition.

In questioning whether The Upper Room is pornographic in nature, I would say "yes" but what makes these productions erotic to me is in the presentation of the material and its level of authenticity. By this, I mean that the female subjects are less likely to appear as bored actors, disconnected with the action they are involved in. For the most part, I BELIEVE them - and this is generally a very significant difference in whether or not I enjoy visual erotic stimuli.

I call it "KinkArt" because it appeals to both the erotic element of my persona as well as to my creative mind. It is generally softer that most people's idea of BDSM.  Certainly fans of Anne Desclos's Histoire d'O (aka - The Story of O) will be able to relate to the format of this particular art (yes, I did say "art").  


The website defines this sub-culture as a  "fetish and lifestyle BDSM reality show where real submissive women and real submissive men become house slaves to be dominated, trained, punished, spanked, whipped, and fucked in the Armory Great House in San Francisco."